Having fostered an outstanding reputation amongst a large portfolio of prestigious, reputable clients, TSP are pleased to be an industry-leading security systems integrator with unbeatable accreditations. We have specific in-depth knowledge of various sectors and the ability to provide solutions to the specific problems of your organisation.

Data Centres

TSP are the preferred contractor to many leading data centres and have completed major projects across the UK and EU.
Data centres are a unique environment and have a number of specific security challenges. TSP are considered a data centre specialist and understand and excel in working in these environments, mitigating any risk and maintaining compliance.
We have detailed knowledge of the operational requirements and restrictions of working within these facilities and provide integrated access control, CCTV, and perimeter protection systems. Our specialist systems engineers are highly trained and able to work closely with client teams to safely deploy bespoke systems to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Commercial Offices

TSP have worked in the commercial office space for over 30 years, either directly for the end-user, base-build or fit-our contractor.
The security risks for commercial offices are often common. However, the security solutions we provide, whilst maintaining the security and safety of your space, considers the total business benefits that security integration can bring – ultimately, the ‘What Else’ of security technology.
To find out more about the business benefits of security integration, click on the link below.


TSP has a long-standing track record of supporting the security systems for some of the world’s leading financial institutions.
We understand and embrace the specific requirements associated with the financial sector and have specialist staff that are trained and cleared for working in financial companies.
We recognise the limitations of working within restricted environments and understand the need to provide a secure workplace with minimal disruption. Furthermore, we are familiar with the challenges of working across multi-site estates with facilities in different time zones, over client LANs and WANs, and used to operating out of hours to facilitate this.


Total Security Protection have worked in this sector for many years: in universities, colleges, schools and, more recently, we have completed a number of new academies.
We understand the complexity of working in the education sector and have trained our staff to design and install systems that are unique to this environment.
Our proven security systems and strategies help to prevent and control a wide range of circumstances, from outsiders entering premises and student accommodation, to reducing the risk of on-site violence. The same systems help to manage normal access so that the movement of people and vehicles can be monitored and regulated.

Critical National Infrastructure

TSP has completed a number of projects which fall under the specific scope of CNI. Due to the nature of the individual industries in this area, the compliance and security requirements are vast and challenging.
Our role as security integrator requires us to understand the operational, compliance and legal requirements of these systems and to also ensure their continuous performance. Our partnerships with leading security technology companies; such as Honeywell and Tyco; and the experience of support technicians, helps us provide the client with exceptional service and express knowledge of the security systems deployed within their organisation.

HM Prisons

TSP has completed and continues to maintain a number of UK based prisons and correctional facilities. Prisons have a number of complex requirements and regulations; from protecting staff and securing inmates, to supporting enforcement protocol and compliance requirements. Our in-house design team create solutions based on the requirements for high security systems, meeting the latest rotakin standards and using the latest CAD and 3D modelling tools to ensure surveillance standards are met.
Our technical staff are all security cleared to operate on these high security projects, and we are aware of the special working practices and restrictions of working in such environments.

High-End Residences

TSP have completed projects in some of the most prestigious buildings and locations in London, including those of national importance, where the English Heritage has a major input into any work undertaken. We are mindful of the need to secure buildings, protect residents and provide peace of mind; our innovations have won TSP awards based on the quality of our workmanship and our ability to integrate the latest technology.

Museums and Galleries

TSP have carried out security integrations for some of the UK’s most iconic, well known and prestigious museums, historic buildings and art galleries, many of which are of graded status. Understanding the need to protect irreplaceable artefacts, be sympathetic to the internal and external appearance of the building and ensure the safety of visitors and staff is paramount when designing a security solution for these national attractions. Our security solutions provide the level of protection required whilst allowing visitors to enjoy, appreciate and experience these national assets.


In the past 30 years TSP has become known as a specialist, working for numerous pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies have a unique set of requirements and compliance regulations relating to their research & development and protection of high security clinical areas. There is a need to ensure that restricted areas remain so and any breaches of access are monitored, alerted and recorded for further prevention.

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