Business Benefits

Security isn’t just about Security

Enterprise security systems can deliver benefits far beyond the traditional security arena

Traditionally, security solutions are primarily about the technology, with components selected for the immediate security need.

However, the information gathered, collated and analysed by your security systems, encompassing Safety, Security and Operations, your people, processes and current technology can be leveraged and used across your business, providing Actionable Intelligence. This information enables mitigation of Risks, Reduction in Costs and Enforcing Compliance.

What’s Possible?

At TSP, we focus on ‘What’s Possible’ in relation to electronic security systems. We understand that security can often be considered a begrudged purchase, that’s why we divert our focus away from the singular operational requirement and consider the total business benefits that integrated security can provide.

For many years data gathered by security systems – card swipes at doors and gates, CCTV images, perimeter alarms and more – has been used solely for security purposes. It is now possible to leverage the data captured by your security systems not only for enhanced security but also to drive other benefits, such as:

Best of Breed Technologies

We reinforce our approach by only partnering with the best of breed technologies, holding enterprise-level status with the biggest electronic security powerhouses. In maintaining these high-level relationships, we are empowered to create innovative, bespoke integrated solutions that not only support current operational requirements but also future-proofs your investment provides actionable intelligence and improves operational & resource performance. To find out more about our strategic partner relationship, visit our partners page

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