We are able to create Operational Requirement documents and design systems to meet these, working to Government Agency guidelines and standards as applicable. We understand system resolution, response time and sensitivity which ensures that we can specify the right device for the application. CCTV is not a discipline where ‘one size fits all’.

Transmission Systems

With expertise in multiple of transmission systems, from co axial cable, twisted pair, fibre optics to RF and IP networks are all within our capability, and we have the ability to select the right method for the environment, taking into account factors such as transmission distance, potential of electromagnetic interference, physical space, and cost.


The company is able to offer a variety of recording options, from discrete digital recorders (DVRs) and network recorders (NVRs) to software ‘virtual’ systems that can use the client’s corporate SAN to provide the physical storage. We are able to advise and evidence with corporate references.

Display / Control Room Design

We are able to provide control room facilities to a variety of standards, whether it’s a single workstation or a large multi-user control room. We can advise on layout, display technology, and meeting ergonomic standards by working with key providers in the manufacture of the consoles, monitor walls and physical environment.