We are able to provide systems for small single offices, large single sites or even global multi-site organisations operating in different continents and time zones, supporting the system on a local basis or with international partners.


TSP can advise on the technology selection or support your corporate standard, and have the flexibility work in the way that you want us to.

We have experience of working with systems which may be configured to operate with redundant or multiple servers, and our certified Cisco & Microsoft engineers are able to liaise with your IT dept's to ensure a co-ordinate approach to deployment.

Making the Investment Pay

Access Control Systems are increasing being asked to interface with other security systems components such as CCTV and Alarms, as well as providing additional services such as guard tours, key management, visitor management, mustering, lift control, car park control etc which all provide tangible benefits to the system stakeholders.

Import to and from HR systems can reduce administration time though common data entry, and improves the security as leavers and contractors can be removed from multiple applications simultaneously. It is also possible to link physical and logical access, which offers benefits in areas where strict compliance is required.


Card technology is rapidly changing with the adoption of smart cards for use for multiple tasks. Not only can an employee’s card be used for general access, but it can be used to carry biometric data for high security applications, and also be used for cashless catering systems, transport and logical access.

These cards are becoming increasingly powerful, and the right selection can benefit the whole business, and is not now just a security tool. We will be pleased to discuss the options with you.