At Total Security Protection Ltd we try to build strong working relationships with our customers and provide a more friendly personal service, which is reflected in the way we are structured.

TSP is an engineering based company and so we understand the systems we look after and are able to provide excellent technical support.

When we form a business relationship you will have access to the following personnel:

  • Account Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Internal Service Personnel
  • Regular Service Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Support Team

The Service Department looks after your maintenance contract and is headed up by Ian Bradley our Service Manager who is supported by the internal service team. They will co-ordinate all service requests, quarterly meetings and planned maintenance visits.

The Technical Support Department is available to not only support our engineers in the field but also provide technical help and support to you via our telephone support line. If this option is taken and the appropriate modems/ communications devices are put in place we can also undertake remote diagnostics which can potentially resolve your problems in a matter of minutes.

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